We proudly boast of having fully equipped widely spread 20,000 sq. manufacturing facility. Endowed with ultramodern technologies and Fully automatic machines, CNC, Forging & Many SPM, we are capable of meeting bulk requirements with ease. Our unit successfully incorporates software and hardware components and functions smoothly. We take extra measures to ensure our facility is clean and all parts are manufactured, finished, assembled, tested and packed after pre-inspection and hygenic conditions.


List of Machine

  • Induction Furnace
  • Extrusion press
  • Draw Bench
  • Cutting M/c
  • Hand Machine
  • Thread Machine
  • Auto Thread M/c
  • Manual Slot M/c
  • Auto Slot M/c
  • Auto Remear M/c
  • Die Box M/c
  • Power Press M/c
  • Drilling M/c
  • Auto Drilling M/c
  • Dual Drill M/c
  • Weighing Scale
  • Laser Marking M/c
  • Auto Marking M/c
  • Sealing M/c
  • Auto Sealing M/c
  • Forging M/c
  • Auto Bar Cutting
  • Six Spindle M/c
  • CNC Lathe M/c
  • PTFE Ring M/c
  • Oven for Ring
  • Pressure Testing M/c
  • B.V Drying M/c
  • Assembling M/c
  • Forming M/c